• moja_dusza 6w

    As I mutter to myself,
    In my cold, dark, quiet room;
    I say "You are so stupid."
    I ask "what made you like this,
    This shrivelling child,
    Who can't just speak her mind?"
    I wonder why I am like this,
    This sadness that fills my heart,
    It is so potent,
    So full of grief.
    The anniversary, of your absence,
    will soon be before me.
    How will I treat such a day?
    The day, unlike any other,
    The day my soul sank lower,
    Lower than any low before it.
    The day I lost him,
    Was one of my worst,
    And a series of bad ones followed.
    So as I am still in mourning for you,
    I pray I make it through, missing you.