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    @swechhanaik you got me thinking of paradise ��

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    As a little girl full of fantasies,
    I saw paradise in chocolates and treats
    Gleefully smuggled past Mom,
    Who pretended not to hear
    The crinkling of the wrapper as I snuck away.

    As a young child who discovered words,
    I found libraries best resembled heaven,
    With the quiet music of turned pages
    And wistful sighs of a reader lost
    In the world within those sheets.

    Now, I find paradise in people
    Who surround me with laughter and life,
    Filled with opinions and thoughts
    They have gathered over years
    And found within them to share with me.

    Maybe it is one of life's mercies,
    Where anything can be your Nirvana,
    And all you've got to do
    Is want it badly enough
    That the universe conspires to let you have it.