• _jassi_ 11w

    Life is too short.
    We have heard this countless times before but we realise the gravity of this phrase only when our lives are affected by this in some way.
    Today every person in the world is fighting for something or someone. We are faced by things which are much bigger than our own selves. There is no time to be petty.
    Life is in fact, too short. All we really have are numbered days.
    To love.
    To be loved.
    To be kind and merciful.
    To be helpful and gracious.
    To be honest and happy.
    To hug people and kiss them too.
    To say "I love you" over and over again.
    To thank your parents and thank those around you who've helped you grow in some way.
    To travel, to laugh till your stomach hurts, to eat whatever the hell you want to, to dance at 2 in the morning with your lover, to bake cookies for your kids, to bake cake for your Mother's birthday, to be respectful to the environment, to live
    To truly, live.
    We humans, we're not afraid of death; we're afraid of being alive, being too alive.
    Too afraid to follow our heart, too afraid to be ourselves.
    It sounds cliché but that doesn't make all this any less true.
    Please, have emotions. Please succumb to a safe pair of hands. Please live. Please love. Please, don't just exist, live. Live big.
    Live. Love.
    Love. Laugh.


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