• fallen_42 47w

    Mental health is as important as physical health
    I am no mental health advocate
    But if passion is a fierce emotion so is helplessness
    Talk even if it is " I dont feel good"
    Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for whatever you feel
    It's your emotions...the one who truly loves you will understand
    #writersnetwork #readwriteunite

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    Good morning

    It's not the dark nights
     The days getting dark too
     See the wind has stopped flowing
    Sunshine becoming unbearable
    Music a bit too loud
    Sleep extending its arms to hug
    Ever so gently
    Caressing the hair, a sweet lullaby
    It's day outside
    Yet she inside her own blackness
    A large void
    The sounds drowning
    Like a lost kid in dark
    Crying out the deserts
    Tears have dried
    Screaming eyes
    Blind to your words oh so wise
    Murky and misty
    She writes
    Begging and bleeding words
    Paper stained
    Tumbling courage
    But all they could ever say was
    "Good morning"