• kikboimature 30w

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    And you fucking lied.
    We were supposed to be forever but now it's 2 am and somehow I found myself again crying on the floor because of someone who doesn't even fucking are if I'm alive or not yet or neither do I anymore.
    You were the only part of me that I loved and now I'm here trying to forget how your eyes sparkled whenever I told your I love you or what your lips felt pressed against mine. I can't get you out of my head, your smiling face and the fucking memories of those times when I was happy because now I'd rather be dead than feel this ache towards you that keeps haunting me wherever I go.
    I really thought I had moved on but I fucking miss you. I miss having someone who care someone who hug me when I need it the most. You were that person. I'm just so fucking alone and there's no one to take this pills away from me as I swallow like they would make me forget your touch by even when I messed up too even remember my own name I still always remember yours.
    I didn't fucking knew that this could hurt so much that one person could do so much damage but now as I look around and all I see is blood fucking everywhere and you nowhere and I realize the damage is only fucking thing I can do to myself anymore I'm falling to pieces and I've no one whod collect them do I keep hiding the disaster inside my mind with the fake smile and I'm okay. But no I'm not okay.
    I'm so fucking alone I need you bae back here to stop these damages because I'm too weak to fight them own my own on and after you left there no one to help me though this endless nightmare so I just keep drinking alcohols and smoking cig like they would bring you back yet I know I'll never hear the three words again from you.
    Is 16 pills enough to make me forget you.