• subhashreepadhi 6w

    Yes I am not a wonderful lover
    I broke your heart and walk away
    But trust me I felt the pain
    To leave you, my heart also cried
    It told me to forget and accept you
    Then I remembered that sleepless night
    I waited for you when I needed you most
    You were not there and
    told me, you think a lot
    I was dying inside, my lips were sealed
    But my soul was searching for you
    I never said I am good or ideal
    I just tried to be an open book
    But one day I gave up
    Not because I could not fight for you
    But because I was done trying to join
    The far away stood you and me
    And in the process of creating we
    I lost that smile which makes me love myself
    I am sorry that I am first to walk away
    But I am not sorry to break the endless pain