• gerbil 5w

    Hey There, Little Brother

    Hey there, little brother,
    How have you been?
    I miss that little smile of yours,
    That cheeky nosy grin.

    I heard a little story,
    A teeny tiny lore.
    That your smile is even bigger
    Coz of a girl that loves you more.

    Hey there, little brother,
    Where you headed now?
    Will your next wild adventure
    Be even crazier somehow?

    I heard a little story,
    Of your journeys far and wide.
    Stay out of trouble, please,
    And do come back alive.

    Hey there, little brother,
    Jesus Christ, you grew.
    When did it start to happen
    That I raise my head to you?

    I've got a little story,
    Of a pillow we both held tight.
    Mama gave it to you,
    Though it pissed me off all night.

    Hey there, little brother,
    Learn from my mistakes.
    Be a better man than me,
    No matter what it takes.

    I hope you make your story,
    One as countless as the stars,
    And know I've always got your back,
    Though I'll be watching from afar.