• wingsofanangel 24w

    The Glory Of Waiting

    I look around seeing women carrying babies. They look up at me, I laugh to their faces...not because I'm being rude or disgusting but because I'm simply waiting. The longer a fruit stays on the tree, the riper it gets, the more mature, so I'll wait and endure. Someone looked up at me and said 'young girl your smart, get more education. When you leave high school there is university. Don't be like these women who carry around babies. A baby is not a commodity, it is a responsibility. A child doesn't determine the betterment of your life nor the foundation of it and trust me, a baby cannot let your male partner stay committed.
    I see in cases where women chase down partnership and a baby. They depend on the man and not lay a solid foundation so I'll wait for a child, it will happen at the right time. I love children but I love money even better. I also love God and my mother, even though these two can get a little cruel at times!
    I don't want to cause any stress unto my poor mother for I know what she goes through without a father. I'll wait on the golden tree, when I'll ripe you won't even have to pick me, I'll fall when the time is right. Hold your ground cuz I'm still green alright.
    I'll continue to laugh in their faces, the sad women carrying babies. Women get your education and lay a solid foundation. A man will not give you everything, just some sex, maybe some money and women carrying babies.