• holuwatoseen12 5w


    Buried inside my ineffable emotions
    my heart is drenched in the river of self pity
    I feel like a rattled snake kept in the sand
    I moan like a rejected child
    casted into the cave of solitude.

    The thirst to be remodeled into a
    perfect cast of flawlessness overwhelms me
    eluded I find myself sinking
    into the chasm of antsy
    my mind is perturbed by crawling thoughts
    which eroded my tranquility.

    Embraced by myriads of shameful moment
    I become plunged in self consciousness
    and guilt that renders me totally inept.
    fixated in an unfathomed melancholy
    I find myself debasing occasionally
    submerged in the sorrow my scar brings me.

    Daunting remarks from molesters
    throws me into a realm of sobriety
    which subjects me to multitudinous tears
    and make me wallow in self hate.
    wrapped in a sentimental state of
    dejection of being treated like a leper
    I behold myself despicably.
    engulfed in the Waterloo of bitterness
    my heart beats in excruciating distress.

    The joy of teenage and adulthood
    my scar deprived me of as
    I am always soaked in barbaric insults
    emanating from the mouth of devourers
    determined to unleash on me a menace to my dry world which has become a skin of bones
    I yearn for requited love but got scorned.