• serendipitywrites 10w

    She walked down the stairs
    Wearing a dress made of finest silk
    And her neck adorned with the precious jewels
    Her aura had a fiery essence
    Her gait had the audacity to provoke
    Many smiles, real and fake, greeted her
    Glances of envy and praise were thrown her way
    She was calm and poised
    And shook hands knowing well
    What their beautiful exteriors hid underneath
    Ugly souls and venomous minds
    Who thronged her feast of success

    Suddenly she caught her eye
    Oh, that benovelent face
    And warm smile
    The one who raised her through thick and thin
    The one who saw she remained unbend
    She rushed hurriedly
    And embraced the soul who was her solace in tough times
    With pride in her eyes, her Mother caressed her cheek
    And smiled seeing the queen her daughter became
    She knew she had raised a warrior for violent storms
    She knew she had raised a lioness in times of jackals...