• x_river_of_bones_x 5w

    Were on time.

    We only speak on dreams.
    Time is scattered.
    We're divided.
    Pm's to my am's.
    Never a fear my dear.
    Looking for a message from the art.
    I'm by your side.
    Just a click away.
    We're on time.
    Thirteen hrs.
    Halfway around the world.
    Your there.
    I'm here.
    Voice like angels to my ears.
    A harmony.
    The bings of joy.
    Only light to my day.
    I fall asleep knowing your still there.
    A medicine to my illness.
    Just a minute more.
    Time will fade away.
    Close the gap.
    Between me and you.
    Smile that's divine.
    Prayer answered.
    As the dusk sets.
    Same place.
    Bc were on time.