• gautampatra 36w

    #That is why.

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    That is why

    I saw him he ate my all fruits,
    I was shocked he was saying lie
    I asked him to tell the truth
    But he skipped my talking by saying
    You have not weared spects

    That is why

    Ignoring him with my full anger
    I entered my room
    All clothes were thrown away from cupboard
    My doubt was that it is done by him
    But he again said you have the habit of forgetting things

    That is why

    He crossed all level
    My temperature was high
    I thought to capture him in my trap
    And finally I got sucess in capturing
    Because the 10 rupee ,
    He said I have lost it but fact was that he has kept in his pocket

    I proved that he was a big lier
    That is why.