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    In the cartoon video it clearly shows that how MADRASIS (people from South) BENGALI (kolkata peoples) SIKHS and MUSLIMS and other community peoples were being shown as a threat to the livelihood of MARATHAS and that is the main reason for the establishment of SHIV SENA (The army of CHATRAPATHI SHIVAJI, a famous maratha ruler during the times of AURANGZEB, who gave sleepless nights to the moghul emperor by his guerrilla warfare (the world knows that SHIVAJI DOESN'T HAVE LARGE ARMY BUT STILL MANAGED TO WIN THE MIGHTY MOGHULS IN WAR BY HIS ART OF GUERRILLA WARFARE and until he was alive it wasn't possible for the moghuls to subdue or extend their kingdom because he stood as a greatest threat to them)).
    That cartoon wasn't confusing because wayback in 1987 and 1988 when the movie NAYAGAN and DAYAVAN was released, this movies showed that SOUTH INDIAN peoples faced problems in BOMBAY and I guess it showed the tactics of what I heard from the newspapers in my childhood days. So there was a misunderstanding between both SOUTH AND NORTH INDIANS TO SOME EXTENT AT THAT TIME WHICH I DON'T THINK IS THE SAME AS OF NOW. Thanks to the booming money capital that is coming out in the form of day today progression as it has also become a reason for the requirement of not only local peoples but also peoples from other parts of the country and which has resulted in the present MUMBAI and not those old disturbed BOMBAY anymore.