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    Standing up on the life changing staircase I glance myself into a whole new world. Not aware of the fact that what would happen after this? I courageously step forward, I sat there peacefully and wondered what what a beautiful place it is. Thinking of what would come next, I saw diversity in one place, from black to White from dull to plain from tall to short there were many kinds of organisms. There was the cool air made my mind calm and peaceful but unluckily it was not natural it was artificial . Though cooling inside but giving a hazardous output outside.

    I looked away from the things and rotated my neck where are saw a glimpse of pink sunset and sau some beautiful flying birds with their group. The sun was dawning I was thinking when I reach my destination would it be nice? If I would be comfortable with it? Will I get something called happiness over there? Questions were arising into my mind but then suddenly one lady with beautiful White hairs and a neat and clean blue uniform came and asked me-what would you like to eat mam? A cup of coffee or tea? I said the cup of coffee would be fine and then I ask her do you look at this kind of precious view everyday? She answered me-'I change my destinations everyday I make my staircase of opportunities move in every direction.

    I was happy but then felt this is my first opportunity of exploring my own confidential strength. Arising from within a feel of confidence by listening to the lady I felt happy, fearless and adventurous. The flight continued to fly to its destination and giving people a opportunities.questions arising in my mind what would happen after reaching the destination but seeing the calm and peaceful sunset I gave the answer you can do it because no one but you have the potential to do that.

    And the flight stop I reached my destination where I got to know that there were lots of opportunities around me because I was the first to win the race to get into the the aim of my life to get into the" flight of my life"
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    // Flight of my life //