• alisdaire_ocaoimph 24w

    It's the morning

    Its the morning
    And arising from the clouds
    Of night and dreams
    I beget my lot
    That here where sun soaks
    Deep the resin around
    My mind still lingers
    Where the twilight danced
    And laid my form beside her
    Where love so lingers
    Hungers her thoughts
    Her words that ride my mind.
    Twirls within the giggles
    That enlighten my heart
    And draws deep the sigh
    of contentment
    Ah! My love that here
    Transfigures within
    Refines this love, this state of being
    And between us two
    Calls us Home.
    But dreams linger only upon
    The space of nights embrace
    And with this dawn
    Your far far from me
    Our love is strong
    I long you like the breath needs air
    And here many miles away
    I long to confines of sleep
    Where again I'm holding you
    Wrapped in our love
    Upon our bed
    Loving as love begs to be

    Alisdaire O'caoimph