• joemyermuwe 5w

    Song Of the Orphan II

    I wept for my mother and father
    And my bourgeois kinsmen and women
    Were whispering//Look , a grieving orphan weeping over his dead parents ,with a thought of making them whole again//
    I remembered the things that I had started to miss about my late parents and these kinsmen and women were warming up themselves with blankets by the fire and bottles of local brew in their piteously mangled hands

    It does not take fortnight to know a man's true colours.
    Some of the kinswomen were spotted sidling around my mother's closet looking fine jewerly and clothes.
    They pretended to be drunk and were forgiven
    Now the awaited day arrived
    The last day for my mother and father to leave in a fine mansion
    And they were to be left to the cruel soils of the earth.
    But we were burying a couple whose cause of death no one knew .
    And claimed that they just dropped dead

    Right now all the mourners' faces were worn out not due to lack of sleep
    My parents are gone, gone to live in the depths of the soil
    The procedure is that after being laid
    To rest in eternal peace,the soil will begin to swallow them, and the bodies will corrupt
    And after that condolences will be sent to me
    A week later they will start to forget that my father and mother even existed
    And even the relatives I thought I knew
    Will prove to that it goes without saying
    And I will have to be aloof
    But will they watch me suffer
    My parents loved them so much and when they always visited they dined ,wined and clothed in the finest garment