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    it's just 3 pm and we're already crying - we're too tired to wait for the night - we let it out wherever we can - in college lawns with people everywhere and in restrooms of restaurants we've never been to before and in changing-rooms with way too many people waiting outside - we're so young and we already hate ourselves so much - we're too afraid to grow any older - our bodies ache so much already

    we were promised so many things
    and we're still promised so many more - it's miserable and it's so pathetic and we still listen

    our bodies are numb and we're still running - they never taught us how to stop

    we're drowning and we don't know how to swim - no one's coming to save us but we really want to live -
    so we learn to yell poems in our heads and we learn to scratch art on our bodies and we learn to make them listen to us - we learn to live and we are crying still and we learn to walk the streets alone and we are holding hands still and we learn to sleep without a body next to us and we need people to hug us still and we learn to grow up and we need to believe in fairytales still

    we learn from other people and we learn from ourselves - we break us down and then we build us up - we are too holy and then we are falling - we laugh and we make them laugh and then we cry -
    our bodies know pain and we hurt
    our bodies remain mortal
    but we do not - we are too loud for our own good.

    #tumblr #sad #life #growingup #hope

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    we bleed and then we heal