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    I booked a room very long ago like 2 months before the check in date because I had an interview that next day in that city

    so when I reached the hotel on the booked date at evening time, the management isn't ready because I booked it long ago and I didn't call them to notify them, they wasn't expecting me as I reached but they asked me to wait a little to get a room.

    I always had a thought after entering into the hotel that it is haunted but I dont know why

    so they gave me a room which is not yet completely cleaned up and where already someone else stayed just before I checked in.
    I complained but they didn't respond well and said the only room left was this and asked me to wait for few, so that they send some boys to clean up completely

    I ordered tea and I drank and after few minutes, I sat in front of mirror acting myself like an interview session and practicing some quick responses

    while I kept talking to my self in the mirror, I saw something on the table beside which looks like a chew in gum and I ate it

    there! I started hallucinating!!

    I was sitting in front of my mirror but I couldn't see the same facial expressions which I make, rather my face is hanging with same expression when I gave while eating

    I was scared but immediately when I realised this my mirror gave me back all of my expressions just like a delayed slowmo video play

    I got more scared and went outside
    my heart said that it's because that something I ate in the room causing me the hallucinations
    also my heart said the vaccine to stop such hallucinations is to eat a green chilli raw

    I went to receptionist, he was having his dinner and I asked for a raw green chilli out of curiosity
    he gave me a piece of green chilli from his dining dish
    I ate it again unfortunately

    then I saw my friend in the same hotel sitting in the entrance hall and watching tv
    I came to know that the receptionist and my friend are friends
    so I asked my friend what he was doing here
    he responds me nothing else but nodded a weird smile

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