• imdheadoe 31w

    You were not Know.

    I ever love you conveniently and conveniently too you ever love her. Without knowing if Am I okay or not. I've waited for the days that never come. And you often visit my dream on every late night. We were dreamed about the wish I always pray it to God through our hearts about a little dream for being your rest of life, together with the most one I loved. But unfortunately, that was only dream and I know that was never truly comes. And for a quite long time, I had thought about how I can survive to maintain these very weird and unbreakable love. For every single day I passed and every ways I've through. I don't know why it was really freaking down, it was breaking and I can't standing here with a lots of good mind. I'm hopeless with the weirdness. I'm fading away through a very latest drug of smile on the sky. And I fall down to the ocean of tears. At least, everything I am, you are still not know.

    Dhea Habibie