• whatsinawordd 5w

    If only

    It's been seven years,
    I come to the park everyday,
    Watching children play
    Mid aged women gossip and crib.
    Old Men like me share videos of lust.
    And it seems just like yesterday
    The last time we came together hand in hand
    I have a troubled heart now.
    But more than that,I have a weak kidney.
    The one you lent me to live for.
    While you sacrificed,
    Still proving a one up on me like always.
    Generally I just listen to the unheard silence,
    Go home,cook my meal and sleep alone
    But today, there is a girl with a twinkle in her eyes.
    She hides tears of a lost one.
    We share the same fate,I guess
    I look at her and picturise you in her.
    I look at her and dream of our old days.
    But she is more than you too.
    She captures the world in pictures.
    After much contemplation, I walk upto her.
    I compliment her for her smile.
    She looks me in the eye,aware of desire.
    I tell her, she's more beautiful than any girl I have seen in seven years.
    She's silent,gulping it one in a lump.
    I wish I could share her pain and relive my own memories of my wife.
    She interrupts,
    Thank you Uncle.
    Please don't lust on me.
    If only she knew, love never wants lust.
    Lust never wants love.
    I walk away heartbroken.
    She ain't my wife after all.
    I was too hopeful to find her again in someone else.
    If only this girl knew, my wife donated her heart.
    That belongs to her now.
    If only.