• roxana91 6w

    How are you, my dear?

    How are you, my dear?
    I know I haven't spoken in the last time,
    And now I'm talking to you,
    Just imaginary- through my head.

    How are you feeling?
    What did I do wrong?
    I wanted to write you again,
    But something did not let me-
    Sending the message,
    Reaching your email.

    Do you have any news?
    Can we still be friends?
    Yesterday I talked so much,
    Today not even "Salut".

    I changed the city,
    But my feelings remained unchanged,
    I don't see you every day,
    But you are still present
    'Cause about you, I'm thinking daily...

    I could never compare what I felt then
    With what I lack now,
    Memories of you...
    Take me back to the past.

    How are you doing my dear?
    I hope you are happy.
    I'm still writing you letters,
    Wven though you don't read them.