• jiya__ 6w

    Let the trees grow

    When you cut a tree
    Do you realise the long years
    It took for it to grow?
    Maybe it existed even before you
    In a world that you didn't
    It knows the story of your parents
    And your great grand parents

    All its life it has only
    Given food, shade and shelter
    Why have you killed it?
    You have claimed it your own
    When it belongs to nobody
    It is a creature that helps everyone
    But you choose to rule over it

    No, you don't deserve to cut it
    No not in this life or the next
    You do not own the tree in your land
    You owe to it forever
    Be grateful to share the land with it

    Let the trees grow in the lands
    Let it embrace you in its shade
    Because the world needs more greenery
    Not more and more deserts