• krishnab 10w

    Is that true love?

    I don't know where to believe in love,
    Lips speaks lie,eyes tell truth,
    Souls talk less, person acts better,

    I don't know where to believe in promises,
    They makes but never follow,
    They changes with time,open up there true colours!

    I would just request them ,please don't be selfish enough ,your one lie can break the innocent and happy person ,don't become selfish enough ,your one kind lie word can make other to trust you and when it break's person break's in pieces.

    Please learn to hold on for the lovely one,Stop playing drama,you dont know how was there journey,if you love truly to someone tell them,but if you don't have courage to keep it long lasting stay away,,,,
    Yehh you are best , having the attitude enough,but don't forget life is to live not to show off ....if you are good, stay but don't try to explain how you?....

    Mature people understand what the life and feelings are exactly,what the person and the love exactly,try to be mature....imature might be harmful.
    Love if you can,don't if can't
    Peoples are the structure of feelings not
    A bunch of stones you can crush in your way