• roark_lives 23w

    City Of Joy.

    I was born in the City of Joy.

    I have lived here, ambling down the narrow lanes;
    Where poverty and richness, everything was met with equal happiness and disdain...

    Hand pulled rickshaws coexisted with Ferraris zooming through...
    You could see some of the architecture of the 18th century as you walked by,
    While the modern had it's own belongings too..

    The people exuded a certain warmth and happiness,
    Which i have found hard to find.
    Although my work has taken me far and near,
    To many countries and mountains and ravines..

    Yet when i close my eyes, and picture how life should be,
    All i remember,
    Is a smiling child, in the city of joy, with eyes full of glee.

    And that's why, I'm coming back.
    To Thee.