• dreadful_artist 10w

    Delusory Mouthpiece

    My eyes divulge excessively
    the truth I lock in solitary
    known by only me
    guarded obsessively
    the way it's supposed to be.
    My heart pained silently
    for the wretchedness I see
    if only
    the cacophony
    would cease
    so I could ease
    my mind
    it is disorderly,
    protesting incessantly
    won't bring you
    the balance of love must
    government pockets getting
    jackass in office
    delusory mouthpiece
    communication spreading
    his disease
    patients seeing bill's
    medical care on the
    someone in power needs to
    those wheels leading to the
    mean streets
    nothing but bare feet
    a place where life beats
    without heart
    when will you start
    from comfortable slumber
    get smart
    see through the lies
    and be part
    of a world revolution.