• yearning 9w

    Emotional Tsunami

    I'm proud to be called an Emotional Tsunami..
    1. It takes a lot of courage to be transparent with your emotions.
    2. It takes a lot to be able to confess your feelings to someone.
    3. It takes a lot to share your happiness and sadness with someone.
    4. It takes a lot to be able to feel for someone genuinely.
    5. It takes a lot to be committed to that one person completely.
    Just because one is able to say whatever they're feeling freely doesn't mean it was easy for them to do so in any way!!
    It's because humans like us leave behind jealousy, ego, selfishness, self respect for people we love and genuinely care for, only because we VALUE them and they are close to us...
    Having said that it doesn't mean that we are emotionally weak or less value ourselves...
    But because we know who we are and what we do... It's not a cup of tea to stand in a place where humans like us stand, selflessly and proudly.
    Those who don't value people like us, have a hard time regretting !!
    Trust me on that!