• saikiran98 9w


    My mom took care me in childhood days in each and every second of life..

    My mom guide me in right path even I don't know this world in my childish days..

    My mom make see me this world giving birth to me..

    My mom scrafice everything in her life always concerns me,even morethan herself...

    My mom loose her beauty forsake of myself...

    My mom help me in each step of life .. giving support to my life..

    My mom loose herself everything becuase of me..

    What a scrafice Maa❤?

    The purest unconditional love only given in this
    eternal world only by maa❤...

    I can't do anything for you maa..

    Lastly saying to everyone..

    #Respect and care your maa❤ it is quiet important than anything else..