• cole67 10w

    Still Of The Night:

    In the still of the night
    Only broken hearts cry,
    Inside those lonely hours
    That hardly ever fly.

    They moan and they waller
    Tucked in their beds,
    With visions of sugarplumbs
    Not in their heads.

    They soak and they weep
    Into the wee hours,
    And drown out the pain
    With all of their showers.

    You can't hear the babies
    Their eyes are sealed,
    Nor rain on the tin roof
    To make a big deal.

    You can't hear the cats
    Being chased by the dogs,
    Nor my next door neighbor
    Who's been sawing logs.

    You can't hear the television
    It cuts off at nine,
    Nor those rapid movements
    From the hands of time.

    You can't hear the roosters
    Cause it's not even dawn,
    Nor any late night parties
    Of which to carry on.

    Just me and this heartache
    And the still of the night,
    And a whole lot of tears
    That fell outta sight.