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    13 Aug' 019
    05: 46 P.M.

    The love they gave, the plays they giggled in while playing with you, the times they teased, the tears oozed out of happiness cause of finding someone who look into your eyes and give you that look, "Hey, Lil' I'm here for you, you'll find me always by yourself, just behind you." Once they perish and become past, you cannot do anything mah-n! You cannot do, you cannot live, breathe those moments you felt alive in again.

    *Life goes on.*

    I'm happy I get to cherish you. Stay blessed wherever you're. May you be dancing through the clouds flapping your wings in cool gushes of heaven. May you be happiest there free from the bondage of here. May you'll be getting all the love you deserved. Remember I love you!

    Someone who won't forget the compassion dipped in your eyes, truthfulness and honesty of your eyelids. All the love you rained on me selflessly, when I needed it.
    When I had been throttled by inhumane humans, you came in my life.
    Your gaze, the way you rubbed your body against my torso when I had become stone by fellow inhabitants, the way you lifted my fingers by your tiny nose to feel the warmth of my hand on your head, It felt. It felt really.
    I felt it, my numb body felt it. I bend down on my knees, cupped my palms around your flappy cheeks and did woogly woogly woosh. Folds of your skin in my hands, I felt the warmth, the liveliness running through your blood and how much you trusted me, that trustworthiness in your eyes. You made a mortal pretending to be poker faced, smile. I saw my life in your eyes, you restored my belief in life, in genuine smiles, in breathfully living.
    I remember, you saw me with your puppy eyes convincing me to unleash you, I unleashed you, you changed in a second from sober to this naughty hunk. In the next moment you were running waywardly and I was flying like a paper kite holding the leash that was earlier used to control you, was now making me victim of your naughtiness.
    In few moments, from teary realisation, pulsating smile, your actions broke me into loud lively laughter. I was laughing, the walls of sky were reverberating in synchrony of you and me.

    I pray, what you didn't get here, you get all that there.
    May you get all your favourite food there. All the cuddling sessions too.

    Stay happy.

    Your Human friend from earth who stopped you from drinking your fantastical sparkling washing machine surfy water, every time you ignored bucket full of clean water right adjacent to you and ended up in washing machine's tub, licking it and then sneezing all it on my tee.
    (I know you hate me for it, but I had to.)

    © Hira Khan

    Wrote my heart after many days, cause after all, I made this wall for being honestly expressive to myself, how I wouldn't have written this?
    Background credited to rightful owner (s).
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