• oublier10 9w

    i hate you

    how can you be so selfish?
    how can you not care about the feelings of your child?
    how could you not accept your own flesh?
    i love you.
    i do.
    but i hate you.
    i hate you so much.
    you don't even know how much you hurt me.
    i'll never be able to look at you the same way.
    i'll never be able to think about you the same way.
    to me you're not part of my family anymore.
    to me, you're just another random, selfish person.
    i'm gonna build my own family.
    and you're not going to be a part of that warm, welcoming, accepting family.
    because you are just a hateful, selfish human being.
    you hurt me so much. and you don't even care.
    i hate you.
    i hate you so much.
    i don't care if you're crying about me.
    i don't care anymore.
    and i won't care, until you are able to tell me, that you love me, that you always have, that you always will.
    but until then, don't look at me.
    you were the one who brought me into this world. it's not my fault to disappoint you like that.
    it's not my choice. i didn't choose to be like that.
    but i am.
    i am who i am.
    and i won't change.
    i'm gonna live my life with or without you.
    it all depends on you now.
    i'll never forget how much you hurt me, how much pain i'm feeling right now, because of you.
    i hate you.