• kimberlyrihana_g 9w


    I have a question for those who know
    They woke up this morning with an itch in their throat
    Who knew that their fevers were rising high
    And time was ticking by
    And still went on with their lives

    I have a questions for those who know
    Someone close to them
    Is in self isolation alone
    Waiting to know if they were exposed
    But you still choose to leave your home
    To go out into the world
    Not knowing what great disaster you were about to unload

    I have a question to the governments who know
    That the numbers are rising faster than they can control
    Are you enforcing your rules onto your people?
    Or are you just going with the flow?

    I have a question for everyone who knows
    Don't you understand what is going on in the world?
    People are dying
    Families are broken
    We are at war
    With something we can't control
    Stop. Think.
    Because its like you don't know
    What's its like for a parent to explain to a child
    That I am not coming home tonight
    And no you can not hug me goodbye
    Because I don't know if its inside of me
    Waiting to sink its claws into you.

    I am out of questions now
    I am waiting for your answers
    But the truth is I already know
    You don't know
    You don't care
    You're lifestyle holds more value than your life itself
    Continue to lie
    Continue to fake a smile
    It's just a pandemic after all
    With no cure in sight