• shreyashree 23w

    Healing touch

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    Healing touch ..

    The colossal World has provided numerous doctors and Medicos..
    Physical injuries ,in the battle of life and death,life always won..so many treatments and methods are now advanced in the flow of time..
    Technology has merely made life a cake walk..
    But only one person on this Earth,has that profound miracle to cure and heal both physically and mentally ,with that healing and loving touch ,tenderlove ,affection and guidance has imparted the power to rise from ashes just like the Phoenix bird..
    Strong and valiant ,came from the World's Unpaid Doctor..
    "MOTHER "
    exception from mediocre and full of life ,unconditional love which none can fathom..
    She gave that extreme will to win valiantly from every battle of life..
    Depression ,irritation,sadness,frustration any kind of problem she was my first doctor my angel..