• smartsam 9w


    The days of youth
    are the best days of life.
    Though you are single
    or living with a wife.

    This time won't come back
    now enjoy it to full.
    Wether you are employed, in college or in school.

    You breathe full
    and are so energetic.
    Many things possible
    nearly seems automatic.

    You are strong
    and hardly fall sick.
    Great fun you
    have and be gladiolus
    to the peak.

    You look beautiful
    your flesh so warm.
    Many admire your
    looks, your built, shape and charm.

    When you are young
    you can do great things.
    Life soars great heights
    to youths as new wings.

    Use your time best
    when youth to the full.
    Also live with discipline
    and good manners as rule!