• sortgut 50w

    I had always wondered
    If someone who surpasses
    My tormentors does exist
    Created to love me

    Each day
    I work on being better
    Prayed to be ready
    For when you come

    The first time
    I had smiled at your image
    My heart raced
    And a smirk formed

    Stupidly wondered
    Where the emotions came from
    Cos you were a total stranger
    Thou my heart disagreed

    Growing to know you
    Through my surfing
    You've been painted humble, hard-working and caring
    And I must not forget your love for food

    I had tagged you
    My forever crush O.S.B
    Cos you never left my thoughts
    Like the stream you never stop flowing

    And somehow we got talking
    Proving to be better than
    What I read about
    Not shy thou

    You're the perfect gift
    For any celebration