• joshpoem 31w


    His mind is a faithful one, it believes everything he tells it, regardless of the particulars of the situation.
    It loves to be dared daily. He who builds his tent in the future, always sleep on the bed of his past.
    You see, culture is one patient with a major heart condition, so at the doctors prescription, she stays active running on the thread mill of time. It's health and sanity can't be trusted.
    Real strength is in knowing you can do all things, but then maintaining a restraint from checking the entire boxes.
    He soon begins to sound like the voice he listens to, apprise him to pay attention to that of reason.
    A fashion of living that pretend to utopian need is asking for an insolent awakening. That life that runs through the motions of emotional vagaries, and ethical revisions, and the whirlpool of political vicissitude need not explain, nor be ashamed
    It's chief preoccupation need be expression. Man, first and foremost, know thyself.
    Then be deliberate.
    Let your actions explain your flaws, keep abay the temptation to write an anthology on behalf of your next apology.