• nerolie_goode2000 22w

    A Lost Sisters Bond 2

    I had changed like the seasons did,
    Rarely but had moods of winter when in autumn.

    I had danced in the fire of sin and welcomed the pain of death,
    Welcomed the loss and let it change me like a caterpillar when embracing the cocoon.
    I had welcomed all the negative energies and spun my Web of recourse,
    Inflicting my venomous pain in others.

    For what sisters had,
    Now lays an empty carcass,
    One mourning while another free,
    For the spider had spun her Website of roses, horses and lions,
    Freedom and foxes,
    Beauty and grace,
    Spite and loyalty.

    All these things indeed had meant something to I,
    But now I had changed,
    For a worse that I will inflict on myself.

    Let the rivers run red,
    The sheets from white to red,
    The razors sharp to blunt,
    And the scissors hanging from a limp hand.

    Now I can only hope that I can see the world as she did,
    Perhaps not now,
    But hopefully before I am of age...