• _word_wine_ 9w

    I don't belong here

    I live in a world that makes me sad,
    Sad how people resist change and call it custom,
    How area of exposed skin measures modesty,
    How strangling someone to death in the name of protecting culture is okay but having opinion about something that's inhuman will reward you life imprisonment,
    I choke on the thought of being a woman,
    I'll carry this pain no matter what, isn't it how it's supposed to be?
    If I open my heart out and tell you about how I've been bleeding inside you'll get traumaticed,
    It does hurt when you know you can't change people,
    And it does hurt that these 'people' includes your family,
    When I let out thoughts about how difficult it is to be a women, I become a piece of joke people belittle my thoughts, stating 'that's how it's supposed to be'.
    Hear me out IT'S NOT!
    It's not okay to tell me what to like and what not to
    It's not okay to control my life
    It's not okay to cage my thoughts,
    In a world full of people I'm just a breathing object.