• greycc 24w

    Sometimes I feel like no one gets me
    No one understands how I feel
    Constantly misunderstood by people
    No one really knows me
    They all think they do,but they don't
    Do I blame them?
    I'm confused myself
    I think one thing,say another,do something else and then convey an entirely different thing
    I come across to some as weak
    But I know I've got my strengths
    To some I'm strong
    Oh,im weaker than you can imagine
    Behind this face you see
    Behind this face is a very dark story
    A story I'm desperate to share
    A story I'm hiding with so much intensity
    There's a lot of emotions involved
    Emotions too deep to handle alone
    Emotions too dark to let out
    No one seems to notice that I'm in need of help
    I don't even notice it sometimes
    Because I've gotten so accustomed to it
    And now it's easy to get everyone fooled..