• shayraanshy_ 22w


    I agree that the feeling of love is the most beautiful in this world ❤
    But the harsh reality is this..the feeling of break up is the worst feeling
    Its definetely impossible to forget 1st love..
    But my point is...☺
    What if ur Partner ditched u???
    Nd he/She has moved in his life nd living very happily...
    (It was the case with me 2 years back)
    Does it make any sense for u to live or love for him/her anymore??
    My point of view is》
    If you get a peson better than your 'ex'
    Nd u r confused wether to again fall in love or not....
    Just do 1 thing...
    Ask yourself simply...
    Does he/she loves you,,
    Respect you,,
    Understands you,,
    Most importantly- Loyal to u❤??
    If u get ur answer in ""YES""
    Then my frnd its high time to "Move on"
    Coz the other person knows >>
    How to make u happy
    How to give u surprises
    How to make u smile
    How to make u fall in lov with him
    How to be with you in your odds
    How to spend beautiful time with you
    How to Respect you
    How to take care of u
    How to make you love each day
    "They knows vry well"
    (If you cant love them back you have no right to be with them...
    If you cant move on...just stay away with them...
    Coz it truly hurts...
    Wen the other person lov u unconditionally nd u just ignore)
    Its my request to all those people s who are in dilemma what to do...
    I think my post will help you to find out the answer