• blueflamez_da_poet 5w

    she teasin a feast for the eyes.

    She know what she got goin on, she wanna show that off some more, cant hold it in, cant contain, cant tame this feelin.

    Show off her ventures on her adventures to explore the reach so she can teach and demostrate her growth.

    Set an example on how she became her own, came into her own, yet, find the fun in the work she do.

    Settle for a regular life when she needs the break to recollect, reconcile, come to terms with these decisions.

    She makes her comeback, she ready, but is er'body else prepared for it?, depends on what she bout to reveal.

    But first, updates in the work place, the fam bout to photo bomb though the focus is still on her, it's good to get a laugh now and again.

    Uh-oh, i guess she bout to display her o.o.t.d, this screams 'g.r.w.m', slim, thick, toned, dont matter right now, she want the 'look back at it' moment. Them curves says it all, no need to ALWAYS expose her skin, that face, put it this way, that's her presentation, that shape, is her self sculpted presence.