• ankahe_alfaz_ 10w

    One day I was healed and
    Doing happy in my life
    And then that person
    Came back....

    She was in regret and pain.
    I was not knowing about
    whatever happened to her
    After me....

    She apologized and ask me for
    The last chance. My feelings suddenly
    Came back and I forgave her. I listened
    Her and accepted her....

    She was broken, unstable, confused
    And disturbed. I got emotional and felt
    Bad because I loved her. That's my weakness.
    I cannot see anyone like that....

    We started talking and I opened the door
    Of my emotional world. Everything was going
    Fine. I kept her happy and safe. I made her
    Smile and again believed in forever...

    Everything was again Beautiful, I started
    Trusting her...

    One day she got healed. Soon I became
    Possessive and insecure. Fear of losing her
    Haunted me. She started being different. She
    Gave me second thoughts, I sense something

    I realised that she loved me when she needed
    Love. When she got it the I was only a small part
    In her life. She ignored my questions and told me

    Her healed part broke me. She was flying in the
    Clouds without knowing the limits. I again came back to the place where I never want to be.
    I forgot that person who cannot love himself
    Can never love someone else....

    I was a fool. Again, I lost myself once a person
    Leaves they will never be the same. Very few cases
    Are there which are successful. Healed people
    Never runs after the love because there are too
    Busy in loving themselves....

    It was a lesson. I ran after the wrong person.
    I know I feel unloved and hopeless but that
    Doesn't mean I will spoil myself for temporary
    Affection. Maybe we don't need anyone.

    We need only ourselves. It's life and God is giving
    Us signals to find love inside us, not outside
    Outside world is harsh and you can never rely
    On that....

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    Came back

    The person who left you helplessly in the middle of no where just cames back
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