• __sni_pan__ 4w

    Just like we fall in love
    For our own self, our own happiness
    We write for our own Joy
    Every singer sings for their own Soul
    Every painter paints to channelise their feelings
    Every Artist creates Art for their own glorious self
    Every thing I write is of me
    for me, dedicated to me.


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    If only you could know
    How much we learn, understand
    How much we gather, derive from
    Reflecting and writing our thoughts
    Documenting what's on our mind..

    ..how much we grow
    from writing everyday
    AND putting things online
    In full public view
    How it makes us fierce
    Our spirit indomitable, invincible

    You would understand the compulsion of
    Every compulsive Writer/ Poet.

    We ALWAYS write for Ourselves
    ..and NO OTHER.

    —Every compulsive Writer.