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    Hey Mirakeeans!
    India's indipendence day is nearing and so is the day when we have lost a part of it...Pakistan. Though separated by borders, we still share the same Earth, the same air, the same water! Why not endorse cross border love. I have written a poem addressing Lahore stretching a hand of friendship and oneness. Hope you like it!��
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    A Letter of love

    Dear lahore,
    The last time when i wrote to you
    It was August i remember, all red, all blue!
    15 th aug '1947 ,how ironical, unfortunately the most fortunate day!
    when i had been mourning over losing you but also celebrating for getting independent, destiny had its play.
    It was a tough time i know With Riots and clashes.
    Pakistan was formed and i was left with rashes.
    Such wounds that haven't healed
    But It was the need of the hour i yield
    Or i wouldn't have let those filthy people touch you, set you apart, i vow!
    I swear, it did no good, nothing's got better even now.
    And I wish time had not been so unkind
    Lahore, i wish things could rewind.
    Alas! Dear, I wish we were together
    I wouldn't have lost my auspicious feather
    I know you were very depressed to drift apart from my soul
    I know you never wanted to be part of this whole
    But posterity wanted to live in its own way
    now you have an identity, your own say
    No longer a part of me but as dear as before
    If i be the sea, you are my shore
    The demarcations on the map are mere lines but you are still a part of me
    No matter our children have thrived in misunderstandings but they'll soon see
    That they are essentially
    Part of the same family
    I know you are going through a turmoil and so am i ,I have internal conflicts and so do you.
    And so are the conflicts between us two.
    But Trust me all those shall be resolved.
    I stretch a hand of friendship ,Lets be one again.
    No matter separated by lines but connected by hearts.
    Bringing about brotherhood, binding our parts
    I know you too hate blood stains on yourself, and question such sins.
    I know it hurts more when the two fighting against were kins.
    Who unknowingly killed their own brothers, their own ally they slay.
    Not the same womb not the same land they say,
    They keep on justifying bloodsheds and killing
    And here i am left moaning and..bleeding
    Come on lets be together and try to demolish these external affairs which are worsening,
    Lets try to bring harmony back because the plight is horryfying.
    Why do we need armed forces between us?
    We can safeguard each other with love and eradicate this fuss
    Together lets bring back the lost fraternity, the brighter days
    Believe me a ray of hope still prevails.
    Lahore, dear Lahore,
    lets be two nations one soul!

    Love always.