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    And it's the last day of January!
    It's amazing how quickly days have escalated.
    And kudos to all of us marching forward towards betterment and growth.
    Hi Lovely souls out here! Hear me out when I say 'experiences have a much more impact when shared with others.' Now, sticking to the above words, I'd like to share my experience(s). We learn and grow every single day, single hour and so on. So I've decided to club the learnings and growth phases I've been through this entire month and display the said in the form of poems or short writings! And that too on the last day of every month of 2018! Beginning with January!
    Hope you find these helpful and connecting.
    To January ��
    Much love ��
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    not to beg
    for support,
    but to stay true
    and stay real
    is what
    taught me.
    you taught me
    good and drained
    my bad,
    made me recollect
    the strength
    i thought i
    never had!
    not to miss you.
    you were a lesson
    and a good teacher too.
    in awe of you,
    Dear January.