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    The rape incident of a little kid named Asifa was a wretched act.

    The most painful thing is that it happened in a temple, where we worship our gods and goddesses. Those who did this have shamed the whole country.

    But this doesn't make all hindus bad. Every citizen of Indian condemn this act, regardless of any religion or ethnicity.

    It's time for all to become one and fight for justice. Not divide ourselves.

    And those who're pretesting in favor of those criminals:

    I wonder if you people would've done the same if that girl was your sister. You all are insensitive fools who see nothing in front of religion. Ashamed to call you even hindu.

    Gentlemen, there is no honor in saving criminals. Honor is in serving the justice. Only then you'll be proud to call yourself a hindu.


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    The girl who was raped

    Wasn't any hindu, muslim, sikh, or christian

    She was an Indian first

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