• davetrotter 5w

    DURING THE TIMES of the Nazi's all people who refused to salute Hitler or obey the commands of the Nazis Party were either killed, or put into concentration camps, or had to go underground.
    THIS KIND OF FUTURE is coming for the world and America where the Globalist Marxist communist are going to be in-charge. We must resist the Reset of the World at all cost.
    THIS IS WHY I HATE the extreme abnormalities and the abuse of emergency powers that are being forced on all people to wear face mask, social distance and to the lockdown. This is destroying people's lives and livelihood. I am totally against it and am willing to even fight to stayfree even at the cost of my own life.
    UNDERSTAND there's a lot of Communist China Party people who are placed throughout the America and throughout the world to help bring about communist rule to full power over us all in a Democratic Party is helping this to come to pass. Wake up recist these extreme abnormalities or all individual freedoms are lost.
    THE CCP VIRIS was released by China on purpose to destroy the economies of the world. Especially America and keep President Trump from winning again for he represents nationality and individualism. STAND FREE and fight for your liberties where God has made you free.