• iandomnic 10w

    Why am I crying?
    The river that carried my tears
    Has run dry,
    The spring that birthed my salt
    Is now barren
    And I have lost the tongue for passion
    To carry my sweetness into the oceans

    But who was love,
    Where was this love?
    Those days;
    When I was every season's reason,
    My roaring rage was their good,
    And my silent hum their song of doom,
    I was the iron ruler of my plains
    Their dragon; bane of little pains

    I did not know yet, about love
    Times were good in my tiny world
    Freedom was no fool's blurted wish;
    But a living presence,
    That fed on the grass of my rolling plains
    And drank from the palm of my screaming banks
    I was king, the world my willing throne

    And who sent lust?
    A fool? Mother of adventure,
    To nag my ever glowing heart,
    Herding easily into the foggy dark,
    The content breathing babe,
    Who wished to explore just a little more
    But never returned, never returned...