• winterstellancrow 31w

    Who Needs Anyone Anyway

    All my old friends were drug addicts, they made me who i am, now i need this to be my only fan
    They lift me up when I feel down, Keep me feeling safe and sound, but how could you feel that way in this town

    You laugh at me then tell me that you care
    Spit on my future grave then claim that you want me here
    Me losing control is all you fear but that claim is far from sincere

    Maybe i should drop out, die from being in debt
    I'm to lost to even be upset
    Im so lost in doubt, you will never understand
    Your way to help cope is your comands

    You'll never see me with out a fist, you make me always pissed
    But who the fuck cares anyway
    Tell me why i feel like this, Maybe its just the kiss
    From the man burried in my grave, 6 feet closer to hell...

    All my friends look like shit, but who needs who needs them anyway
    I just need some good luck to leave this awful town
    How can you just stair when i look like this? All my friends decayed but who the fuck need them anyway