• abrauning 22w

    You can only see what you want to see, you can only feel what you want to feel. But what happens when you are forced to see what you don't want to see what you feel that you don't want to feel. Everyone is forced to do those two things. But particularly the men and women who are in the law enforcement and/or the military. Granted they signed up for the jobs but I don't think they chose what they see or feel. Both walk into situations that stay with them for life some armed more than others but whatever the case maybe they both are still horrified by the scene or the situation they walked into. So today I want you to do is walk up to a soldier a officer and thank them for their service because some of them don't see a happy ending. Some don't have that support as they should. Some don't get to go home to families because a career they chose to do to protect our country destroyed what they had. Invite them over for dinner if you must to show them how much you do appreciate their service.