• raghavendranayak 5w


    Why did hearing her voice,my heart skipped a beat..?
    Even when my voice did not even move her feet

    Why did her her problems started becoming mine..?
    Even when I had problems she was like ok fine...!

    Why did her tears spoiled my day...?
    Even when my tears failed to grab a second of her day

    Why was I able to hear her silence also...?
    Even when she was not able to hear my scream although

    Why did I not mean anything to her.....?
    Even when she meant the entire world to me

    Why did I was still theoretical.....?
    Even when she was totally practical

    Why did I think of her every second....?
    Even when she did not remember me for even one second

    Why is her absence in my life killing me....?
    Even when my absence did not even bother her

    Why did my care,love and support was not enough for her....?
    Even when her one smile was enough for me

    Why do I wait for her message every day .....?
    Even when I know that she will never return to me any day

    Why does her feelings matter to me so much ..?
    Even when she tell that "forget about Ur feelings and concentrate on your career very much"

    Why did my smile failed to make her smile....?
    Even when her one smile was enough to bring my heart to life

    Why did her success made me feel so happy...?
    Even when I was suffering from my own failures


    Because i was imperfect in her "perfect"world

    Because my "care" was not enough for her

    Because i shared this bond which was "one sided"

    Because "Good looks" and "Money"matters more than "Love and Care"
    ©Raghavendra N ayak(idiot)